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27 February
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Hi! My name is Whitney. I am a 22-year-old college student who will graduate with an associate's degree in journalism this December — from there, I hope to get my bachelor's at Southern Nazarene University here in Oklahoma, my lovely home state. I'm also minoring in graphic design. I am a huge nerd, an animal lover, a car enthusiast, a hopeless romantic, and above all a strong Christian.

I am a proud mommy to three cats, three dogs, a blind leopard gecko, a hermit crab, a goldfish, three betta fish, a 14-inch long plecostomus, a tank full of tropical fish, and many goldfish and koi who live in an outdoor pond. I have also lost many babies over the years who forever remain in my heart and soul.

I love video games. My forever gaming love will always be Pokemon, and I am especially a fan of Wobbuffet. I also love World of Warcraft.

If that's not nerdy enough, I also love COMIC BOOKS! My favorites are X-Men and Thor, and my favorite characters of all-time are Loki and Gambit :) I am also obsessed with the TV show Once Upon A Time!

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